"I was terrified of Organic Chemistry."

What if you could be the most prepared student in your Organic Chemistry class and still enjoy your summer vacation?

I heard so many stories about Orgo my Freshman year.

“The class starts as 300 people and ends with 75,” someone told me.

“It’s the hardest class you can take in college,” another classmate said.

Plus, everywhere I went, I saw someone carrying their massive Organic Chemistry textbook that would barely fit into a backpack. It was a constant reminder of what was soon to come.

And reading about it online didn’t help at all either.

(Almost) Everyone Prepares for Organic Chemistry

I was freaked out.

So after finishing my Freshman year, I decided to start studying for Organic Chemistry over the summer.

I figured preparing and getting a jump start on the course material could only help me throughout the year.

And it turns out, I wasn’t alone. Lots of my classmates prepared for Organic Chemistry. Knowing what I know now, I’d estimate that about 75% of students prepare to some degree for Organic Chemistry.

When it finally came time to prepare, I quickly realized that I had no idea what to do.

Heck, my Professor hadn’t even told us what textbook we would be using over the course of the year.

I hadn’t even started yet, and I felt totally lost.

"The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare."

-Bobby Knight



"Max is such a great resource throughout the whole PreMed journey. He has given me and countless other people great tips on how to improve study habits, reduce test anxiety, and find research opportunities. If you're struggling in any part of your PreMed journey, Max is your man! I serious can't thank him enough."



"Max is so knowledgeable about studying smarter, and I've learned so much from him!"

"Max has been so helpful in navigating life as a premed with all his tricks and guides. My GPA has definitely gone up since reading his emails! Thank you!!!"



"Max is very knowledgeable about studying smarter, and I've learned so much from him in such a short time. His tips have helped me incredibly on my journey to becoming a doctor!"



"Max sends out a lot of insightful tips and tricks when it comes to bettering your GPA. I've really benefitted from his videos about studying!"



Intuitive Preparation was a Complete Waste of Time

Ultimately, I decided to do 2 things to prepare, both of which were a total waste of time.

First, I reviewed a few chapters of my Gen Chem book that I thought would be relevant.

Second, I bought a used version of the top-ranked Organic Chemistry textbook on Amazon.

When I got the textbook, I started in the logical way-- I turned to page 1 and just started reading.

During the day, I went to my normal 9 to 5 job at a lab. And after getting home and having dinner, I would study Organic Chemistry for a couple hours.

In total, I did this for about 2 months.

Fast forwarding a bit...

I was feeling incredibly prepared coming into Organic Chemistry. I had only made it through 3 or 4 chapters, but I thought “That’s 3 or 4 chapters more prepared than anyone else. I have 2 full months of Organic Chemistry prep under my belt.”

The first day of Orgo, after a brief introduction and walk through the structure of the course, it was time to dive into the material.

The Professor says, “Ok, we’re going to skip chapters 1 and 2. We’ll get started with chapter 3 today.”

I couldn’t believe it. I missed the full first 10 minutes of his lecture as I wrapped my head around the fact that I wasted a month of my summer going through these chapters.

As icing on the cake, we blew through chapters 3 and 4. In like a week. My 2 months of Organic Chemistry summer prep hadn’t even last a week of the actual course.

And those Gen Chem sections I reviewed were completely useless.

Preparation attempt failed.

"Hi, I'm Max"

Years ago, I tried preparing for Organic Chemistry and ended up wasting my summer. After many years of tutoring, I’ve perfected a method for preparing for Organic Chemistry that I’ve taught for years.

In addition to being a 4th year medical student, I also mentor PreMeds, run the site OrgoMadeSimple.com, and teach PreMeds the research-backed methods to learn in my course “PreMed Resuscitation: From Burned Out to Curve Setter in Only 2 Weeks.”

3 Orgo Prep Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

I thought that too.

2 wasted summer months and some serious frustration later, I can tell you this is just wrong.

Having your textbook is only part 1 of the battle. Knowing what to study inside the textbook is where the magic is.

Don’t waste your time by trying to guess what you need to know or what’s important.

Trust me, I tried. It doesn’t work.

1. “I have my textbook already, so I have everything I need to prepare.”

2. “I’ll strike a good balance of preparing for Organic Chemistry and enjoying my summer break.”

I also thought this when I prepared.

But the reality is students are terrible at finding this balance.

Either they spend their entire summer preparing. And enter the school year already fatigued after not getting enough rest over summer break.

Or they never get to their preparation and try to cram a summer’s worth of work into the week before school starts.

And then they show up on the first day of class and realize, “Holy crap that was a mistake.”

3. "I did well in Gen Chem. So I’ll be fine in Orgo.”

It’s easy to use this logic. Chemistry is chemistry, right?

Well, not quite.

Gen Chem is totally different from Organic Chemistry. Not only is the material different, but it’s an entirely new way of thinking.

In fact, this new way of thinking is one of the major reasons students struggle with Orgo so much.

Doing well in Gen Chem means you have good study skills, which will only help you in Orgo. But the two courses are so different, doing well in one really doesn’t say anything about how you’ll do in the other.


If you find yourself feeling nervous for Organic Chemistry…

If you want to prepare but don’t know where to start...

If you want to make sure your preparation is the best humanly possible…

Then this course was built for you.

In fact, I bet you’ve thought about preparing for Organic Chemistry already.

Maybe you already ordered your textbook.

Or maybe you’ve watched a few YouTube videos.

And yet-- here you are-- still not confident in how exactly you should be preparing.

I’m so confident THIS is your comprehensive preparation solution that I will let you try it out yourself, completely risk free for 30 days. If you don’t think it prepared you, then you deserve your money back.

This course uses a completely fresh way of preparing for Organic Chemistry.

It’s focused primarily on 2 main areas:

1. Foundational topics: Certain topics in Organic Chemistry are going to come up time and time again. You need to master them early or you’ll find yourself being left behind in multiple topics throughout the year.

Because of the importance of these topics, you’ll learn them early in my course to ensure that you’ve mastered them by the time you go to your first class.

2. Weed-Out topics: Some concepts of Organic Chemistry are really hard. So hard that they cause a large number of people to drop out. I’ve seen it over and over again, both in my Orgo class and in subsequent classes that I’ve tutored.

So I hand picked the absolute hardest topics, and you’ll learn them in the course. Even though they tend to come towards the middle or even the end of the first semester.

Why? Because those are the critical moments of the Organic Chemistry class. While you’re classmates around you are panicking and pulling all-nighters, you can fall back on having learned these topics over the summer.

Orgo Prep Course 4.0: The proven system to make you the most prepared student in your class.

But Does it Actually Work?

This is the 4th straight year I’ve opened the Prep Course during the summer. And year after year, I’m blown away by the positive responses we get from students.

"Orgo Made Simple along with their Prep Course outlined the information, sequentially and step by step, that I saw in my Organic Chemistry class. Using them allowed me to comfortably enter the class and progress smoothly throughout the semester, as I already had a solid foundation upon which to build my Organic Chemistry knowledge."

"The Prep Course was great and really set me up well for Organic Chemistry. I would really recommend it for anyone who is looking to feel better about going into Organic Chemistry!"

- AM

Northeastern University

- AG

Salisbury University

I get students like you results in Organic Chemistry:

"Orgo Made Simple completely changed my first semester of Organic Chemistry. It provided great summaries and explanations and it was crucial in my learning. The explanations were in simple and easy to understand terms and the examples were very relevant.”

- LH

Boston College

"...completely changed my first semester of Organic Chemistry"

"allowed me to... progress smoothly throughout the semester."

"...set me up well for Organic Chemistry. I would really recommend it..."

And it keeps getting better and better...

Each year, I make large improvements to the Prep Course based on student recommendations.

This means that you’re getting the 4th version of the Prep Course after tons of iterations and improvements made from the feedback of students like yourself.

All this experience has made me an expert of Organic Chemistry preparation. And I can’t wait to share all I know with you.

This course is NOT for you if...

You’re looking to cut corners and take a shortcut to a good grade in Organic Chemistry.

You’re looking for quick tricks to get a good grade without actually learning and understanding the material.

You want to watch the videos but not actually put in the work of doing practice problems.

You can’t commit to a few hours of Organic Chemistry preparation per week

This course IS for you if...

You’re willing to put a few hours into your Organic Chemistry preparation each week.

You’re nervous about Organic Chemistry, and you’re looking for a positive way to act on those nerves.

You know you want to prepare but have no clue where to start, regardless of whether you have your textbook or not.

You want to gain a head start on the absolute toughest topics in Organic Chemistry that cause the most students to drop out

In the course, you'll learn...

I boiled the entire first semester of Organic Chemistry into the absolute most important topics you need to know. From key concepts in gen chem to the foundational concepts and the absolute toughest topics in Orgo, this class has you covered.

The only four topics that you need to know from General Chemistry to succeed in Orgo

The single most important concept you must have mastered before you walk into your Organic Chemistry classroom whether you choose to prepare or not.

Three foundational concepts of Organic Chemistry that you’ll use from day 1 of your Orgo course until your final.

“The Moving Man,” my all time favorite method for rapidly solving questions in one of the toughest topics in Organic Chemistry.

The major weed-out concept that causes most students to drop-out of Organic Chemistry.

“The Flipper,” an invaluable trick that saves students valuable minutes on exams (and gets the answer right of course).

The 2nd most common topic that causes students to drop the course.

“The Double Displacement Rule,” one of the most powerful methods to conquer one of the toughest topics in Organic Chemistry.

The course includes...

14 video lessons covering key topics, and the absolute best tricks that I’ve learned in my hundreds of hours of tutoring experience.

And these videos are awesome. I bet you’ve never seen videos like them before. See for yourself...

120 practice problems to further learn the topics that were covered in each video.

Watching the videos by themselves is only part of the learning process. Next, you need to practice the concepts for yourself.

Organic Chemistry really is all about doing practice problems. This is the best way to learn and study the material. Plus, it’s how you’ll ultimately be tested. So why not study this way?

A text lesson covering our step-by-step method to name any molecule.

From halfway through the first semester to your very last Organic Chemistry exam, I’ll bet every exam you take has at least 1 question about how to name molecules.

Since it comes up so often, this will give you a major headstart.

Plus, bonuses!

12 month subscription to my Organic Chemistry website OrgoMadeSimple.com ($240 value)

There is so much content on this site.

Tons of in-depth chapter summaries that review most topics in Orgo 1 and even many topics in Orgo 2. This site reviews many concepts that aren’t even mentioned in the Prep Course.

Hundreds of practice problems with in-depth solutions. This alone is worth the entire cost of the course, and it’s a resource you’ll go back to throughout your entire year of Organic Chemistry.

And so much more including an NMR guide, flashcards with our own custom-build spaced repetition algorithm, and full year naming guide.

The Ultimate Organic Chemistry Tip Guide

I went all out here, and gave my 35 best pieces of advice that I wish I’d known prior to going into Organic Chemistry. It contains software recommendations, study recommendations, and so much more to maximize your Organic Chemistry grade.

Why now?

You can’t become a doctor unless you do at least moderately well in Organic Chemistry.

It sucks, but it’s a fact.

And the sad reality is that thousands of students across the US have to end their dreams of becoming a doctor because of this course each year.

But this won’t be your PreMed story.

Right now is the best time to get started with your preparation.

It’s probably been in the back of your mind. And there’s probably a large part of you that just doesn’t want to think about it. “That’s a problem for another day,” you might tell yourself.

But there’s no way to succeed in Organic Chemistry with this mentality.

It’s time to attack this course. Realize that, just like any course, you can crush it if you put the time in and work efficiently.

So start your preparation today. Work with me, and I’ll make sure you’re the most prepared student in your Organic Chemistry course when you walk into the lecture hall on day 1.

And this course is only open for a limited time. Doors will close soon, so act fast.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

-Benjamin Franklin

If You're Ready to Crush Organic Chemistry, Then Get Prep Course Today!

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Full Money Back Guarantee

I know you'll love this course. I know this will completely change your life as a PreMed student. But just in case it doesn't, I have a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply send an email to support within 30 days of receipt, and your entire purchase will be refunded.

The Specifics

This course is a 2-week video course.

Every day, I'll send you a video covering a new topic and a set of 10 practice problems to go along with it.

We'll be in close touch during the class. You can always send me questions you have.

And I'll frequently ask you what else I can add to the class to ensure your success.

A Disclaimer

Organic Chemistry has and always will require hard work.

This class is not for people looking for the easy way to ace Orgo.

You'll still need to put the time in at the library. It's hard work for everyone.

But pairing hard work with these strategies is an unstoppable combination.

My goal with this class is not to provide a fast track or cheat sheet to ace Orgo. Instead, I want to make sure those who are willing to put the work in get rewarded.

Time to be the most prepared student in your Organic Chemistry class.

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